The Universe of
Captain 20

I get 2 questions asked a lot.

1. How can I get a replacement Channel 20 Club Card?
The simple, but unfortunate answer is that you can't. they were all gone by 1976

2. Can I get an autographed picture of Captain 20?
The simple answer is YES!
For some reason, WDCA never had pictures suitable for autographs while I was Captain 20.
I've gotten so many requests that I selected a nice shot of Captain 20 from 1976, with room for an autograph and had them printed.
These a 8 X 10 suitable for framing!
When you order make sure you give me the name to be put on the autograph!

The cost is $10 plus $5 for shipping. I take payment with credit card through PayPal & you can order below!


Name on Autograph